Color Rendering of Proposed Mural

Color Rendering of Proposed Mural
by Chris Vincent

Monday, July 19, 2010

That's HOT!

I don't have a whole lot of feeling for Paris Hilton and her contributions (or lack thereof) to the world, but I must thank her for her catch-phrase, "That's hot," because I use it all the time.  But the work Murals by Design's Chris Vincent is doing on the Waukesha mural is bringing new depth of meaning to that expression.  Consider what she's doing.  She's up 20 feet in the air an arm's-length away from a brick wall being baked all day long by the summer sun.  (Think tandoori cooking.)  Though 85 degrees in the shade is not to be dismissed as typical July heat, add to that 70% humidity and you have a tropical atmosphere -- without the benefit of a fruity, frozen beverage.

I got a chance to visit the muralist at the corner of Barstow and Main today, offering her a variety of hats to help deflect some solar wrath. While the chosen visor makes up in function what it lacks in fashion, I'm not sure how much relief it will provide.  Chris asks that we pray for cool breezes and overcast skies over her parcel of downtown Waukesha for the next three to four weeks as she continues to create the historical cityscape.  Today's not a bad mural painting day, all things considered.

As for the first visible glimpses of this gargantuan mural, "That's hot!"  Be proud, Waukesha Historical Mural Project collaborators and contributors; this is a good work!

There's still time to get involved.  Donations are being accepted through Good Friend, Inc. for another three weeks.  And with the withdrawal of our junior artist friend pair from White Rock, we could use another representative from that school.  If you know anyone with children who attended White Rock in the 2009-'10 school year or earlier, please contact Denise Schamens.

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