Color Rendering of Proposed Mural

Color Rendering of Proposed Mural
by Chris Vincent

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Where we've been ... where we're going"

In Good Friend's quarterly newsletter, we acknowledge what communities have had us come in to present our autism awareness-acceptance-empathy message and which ones have chosen to contract with us for services in the upcoming weeks.  We think it's important to acknowledge what has happened and bring that forward into what will be.

And in a beautiful symbolic sense, that is precisely what will happen with Chris Vincent's mural.  She has worked with local historians to uncover details about the history of our community.  Buildings, landmarks, and concepts associated with Waukesha's heritage will be incorporated in the art.  You'll see Waukesha referred to as Prairieville, Spring City, and Cow County.  The Fox River, Fox Head Brewery, local legend Les Paul, and early 20th century transportation (small airplanes and the steam engine) are also represented in the mural.  Architectural landmarks such as the Waukesha Public Library, Carroll University, and Spence's Observation Tower point to early dedication to education, while Silurian Spring, the Fountain Spring House, and the Woolen Mill pay tribute to early commercial endeavors.  Churches such as St. Joseph's Catholic Church and the 1st United Methodist Church stand out with the Rotunda and the Waukesha County Historical Society & Museum (formerly the Court House and county jail) as examples of religious and civic architecture.

So with all this history, what moves us forward?  For one, this artwork will likely be a hot spot for the School District of Waukesha's elementary school curriculum on local geography.  Third grade students take a bus tour of the city and this will reinforce what they learn.  Second, the team of junior artists who work on the mural on August 7th will reflect the care we take with our younger residents of all abilities, that they might contribute to the city's future in a meaningful way.  Finally, this work of art is a bridge, spanning divides of time and culture. New generations will have an artistic rendering of what generations passed have accomplished and experienced.  And a vibrant downtown emerging as an arts district can celebrate its other layers.

Families and businesses with ties to the past are encouraged to help move this project forward.  Do you know of a connection that might lead to the sponsorship of an aspect of the mural?  If so, feel free to contact Chris through the Waukesha Mural website (click on the photo header of the blog to link) or donate through Good Friend's website (type "Waukesha Mural" in the Purpose field).  Call 414-510-0385 for more information.

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